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The Leader in You is a tailored program that prepares students for college, career and life readiness.

Designed to help students between middle and high school, The Leader in You offers interactive activities for students that foster initiative and comprehensive understanding of how education empowers their adult lives. Students will develop a plan of action and learn practical tools to take life to their chosen level. They will have the opportunity to get up close with presenters, connect with valuable resources, and discover the value of mentors that can help them set goals in pursuit of the life they want.

The Leader in You is customizable to any school’s size and specific needs. Consisting of monthly or weekly sessions, it can be designed around groups of any size to work. Educators may choose to incorporate The Leader in You with already established groups, or the The Leader in You facilitator can work with school staff to identify groups of individuals the program can best benefit. In addition, a one-time MPA Leadership Conference (consisting of a few hours to 1-2 days) can be customized to address each module within the program.

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