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On-site Student Workshop

Helping Students Find Their Place In The World

My Purpose Academy (MPA) is designed to help students between middle and high school. MPA offers interactive activities for students that foster initiative and comprehensive understanding of how education empowers their adult lives.

PLA Module 1

Module 1: Who Am I? Exploring Your Purpose

In this module, we will define purpose and why discovering it is important to experiencing your best life. We will also explore who you really are and why developing and maintaining a healthy self-esteem is important. Participants will come to terms with the fact that they are more than just a product of their environment, their schools and their families. They will also be provided with examples of successful individuals who realized their purpose in life and were successful in accomplishing their goals.

PLA Module 2

Module 2: Passion vs. Position

In this module we will explore passion and position. Passion is an intense emotion, causing feelings of enthusiasm, dedication, and motivation as it relates to a given task or cause. Passion comes from within. It elevates your level of thinking and performance. When you like doing something, you will survive and do just enough to get by, but passionate people will thrive when they are in their element. Position is different. It is a place and a state of being. Position identifies where you are, not who you are. Your position identifies where you are, but that doesn’t make it your passion. Being in a position that you are passionate about can produce real results. However, being in a position that you aren’t passionate about can cause you to be miserable and live a life without purpose.

PLA Module 3

Module 3: ‘U’ stands for Unique

Just as no two raindrops, snowflakes, or fingerprints are alike, there is no one on earth just like you. Being unique is nothing to be afraid of. Before you were formed in the womb, you were set apart from anyone else in life. You were born a unique person with gifts, talents, ideas, and a purpose unlike anyone else in the world. Your unique experiences also shape your mindset. You may have qualities that are similar to other people’s, but you are different. You were born to travel on a significant journey in order to maximize the treasure inside of you. This module will help you discover and maximize your uniqueness.

PLA Module 4

Module 4: Realistic Goals

A goal is an observable and measurable objective that a person plans in order to achieve a specific result. Many people set goals, but they often aren’t aware of the cost it will take to accomplish them. Setting goals takes commitment and focus toward your desired result. They also provide vision and give you hope for the future. While anyone can experience short-term success, even without setting an aim toward the desired result, setting goals is a fundamental component to sustainable growth and long-term success. In this module we will explore and demonstrate how to set short-term and long-terms goals, as well as discuss the importance of maintaining one’s focus.

PLA Module 5

Module 5: Price vs. Persistence


There is a price, or a value, associated with everything that you would ever want in this world. Today most people associate higher price with higher quality. For instance, the cost of a yacht will be more than that of a rowboat. If you are car shopping, the cost of a Mercedes Benz can be significantly more than that of a Ford. Persistence is about continuing to do something even when it doesn’t feel good and you feel that there is good reason to quit. Persistence is focus on a course of action despite the challenges, pain, difficulty, or opposition you may face. In this module we will determine what price is necessary to be paid and how persistence plays a role.


Module 6: Opportunity to Succeed

An opportunity is a time in a person’s life when circumstances are in alignment and favorable for you to experience a positive outcome or accomplish your goal. Opportunities are presented before us each day, but it’s up to us to be in a position physically, spiritually, and emotionally in order to recognize the gifts before us. In this module we will explore how to maximize opportunities. This includes how to build strong relationships, make proper connections, get educated, recognize business opportunities, become financially literate, and be culturally responsive.

PLA Module 7

Module 7: Sacrifice

To sacrifice means to give up something important in order to obtain something else. Most often, it’s something of greater value. People usually associate the word sacrifice with something painful or bad. Instead of looking at sacrifice with a negative connotation, look at it as something positive. In this module we will explore the sacrifices that must be made to properly brand yourself as who you desire to be. Dress, social media, and proper attitude will also be explored.

PLA Module 8

Module 8: Endurance

Winning in life and walking in purpose require the ability to endure. Endurance is the ability to withstand adversity, ridicule, pain, and possibly hardships in order to accomplish a goal. Endurance is the ability to sustain over time, often through criticism, monotony, and discomfort. It’s demonstrating resilience and mental toughness. Endurance also requires you to master fear and disappointment, and overcome the desire to quit, which you will often face during difficult times. Additionally, enduring means demonstrating a great deal of tenacity and stamina, as well as the desire to keep moving forward, no matter how arduous the challenge. Your desire to walk in your purpose will require nothing less than giving it everything you have — and then giving a little bit more. In this module we will address the process of making great decisions and the ability to endure past hurt and disappointment to accomplish your goals. Now that you have the tools to walk in purpose, we will put a plan in place to help you accomplish your goals and live your best life.


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