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The Professional Leadership Academy travels to schools across the country, providing on-site workshops to help educators meet their personal goals, professional learning unit and continuing education unit requirements.

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The School Connectedness Workshop is aimed at helping educators connect the dots that separate teacher, student, school and home life. It trains educators to increase their students’ engagement in the classroom, while encouraging well-roundedness and giving back to the school’s community. It also provides educators with the tools to understand the overarching goals of education from a macro perspective. Educators will leave this workshop with a greater ability to grow as a teacher by self-evaluating more effectively, understanding classroom dynamics and gaining insight into the importance of cultural responsiveness as it relates to classroom functionality and ensuring student success.

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The Workshop will focus on:

+ Personal growth and development for educators

+ Reaching the at-risk student

+ Fostering connectedness between the teacher and student

+ Insights on why some teachers are more liked than others

+  Self-study for teachers and self-evaluation

+  Gaining passion for your subject

+  Grading styles

+ Encouraging students to go the extra mile and work hard in class

+ Cultural responsiveness

+ “Relational Teaching” vs. “How-to Teaching”

+ Educating and preparing students for nontraditional career paths

+  Adding value to students

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